How to flush AOS cache form code

11 Dec

Flush the AOS cache from code

Under Menu items > Action, duplicate all these 3 menu item actions and three menu action items that can be used to flush system data, the AOD, and dictionary
1. SysFlushAOD
2. SysFlushData
3. SysFlushDictionary

Duplicate these 3 menu action items and give them a new name


These three are running on “Called From” which when we run it on client side, it will clear client cache. We need to be able to clear AOD, sys data and dictionary and cause a refresh, therefore, we need to change it to “Server”

Go to RunOn property and change it from “Run-On” to “Server”


Now, start run each menu action item one by one.

static void DevClearCache(Args _args)
#define.FlushAOD(“DevSysFlushAOD”)                  // replace with your own menuitem name
#define.FlushData(“DevSysFlushData”)                // replace with your own menuitem name
#define.FlushDictionary(“DevSysFlushDictionary”)    // replace with your own menuitem name
Args args = new Args();
MenuFunction mf;

// Flush AOD
mf = new MenuFunction(menuitemActionStr(#FlushAOD), MenuItemType::Action);;

// Flush Data
mf = new MenuFunction(menuitemActionStr(#FlushData), MenuItemType::Action);;
info(“Data has been refreshed”);

// Flush Dictionary
mf = new MenuFunction(menuitemActionStr(#FlushDictionary), MenuItemType::Action);;

You can download the entire project here.

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