Software update checklist – Data Upgrade Issue

14 Jan

After installing a hotfix, I could not pass software update checklist. “Launch Data Upgrade” keeps giving me an error

The dependency cannot be resolved because script ReleaseUpdateDB60_TaxIntegration_CN.updateExternalInvoice_CN was never added. (ReleaseUpdateDB60_TaxIntegration_CN.updateTaxProfilePort_CN)

Error loading upgrade scripts





After struggling too much time, I finally found out the root cause of the issue. The hotfix that Microsoft gave me introduced a new bug that the data upgrade cockpit form could not be opened.

updateTaxProfilePort_CN script has dependency on updateExternalInvoice_CN.

When I compared this class with other builds (before and after of this current version), this class ReleaseUpdateDB60_TaxIntegration_CN does not have such dependency on the script.


1. On the ReleaseUpdateDB60_TaxIntegration_CN Class method updateTaxProfilePort_CN, I  remove the dependency method attribute and then re-compile and do an incremental generation.


2.  After that, I update the ReleaseUpdateMinorScripts table and set the finished column to 0 for ReleaseUpdateDB60_TaxIntegration_CN and updateExternalInvoice_CN.



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