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A Deeper Dive Into R3

Specialists from the Retail, Manufacturing, Professional Services and Public Sector groups will walk you through key business scenarios, demos, resources and explain how R3 enables us go to market with an unparalleled industry offering.

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Delta Customer Service Taking Off With Microsoft Dynamics for Retail

Another success story with Dynamics AX implementation

delta-mobileapp.pngDo not get surprised when you get to see “Microsoft Dynamics for retail” in ACTION in a Windows phone mobile device (Nokia Lumia 820) by the Customer service crew of Delta Airlines on the flight.

Delta Air Lines has announced that more than 19,000 flight attendants worldwide have started using Nokia Lumia 820 handheld devices powered by Windows Phone 8 to interact with customers. These in-flight, Wi-Fi connected devices will leverage an Avanade point-of-sale (POS) experience on the Microsoft Dynamics for Retail mobile POS platform, operating on AT&T’s 4G LTE network. AT&T has partnered to source and provide the credit card readers in addition to providing Delta with the Nokia Lumia devices

Delta Customer Service Taking Off With Microsoft Dynamics for Retail

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Say hello to the future

As an AX consultant, my primary role isn’t to make the business decision but also to educate customers on how to best utilize technology and best practices to increase productivity and efficiency. As a technology hobbyist, i often enjoy exploring tools, gadgets  and solutions that are innovative and improve our daily life better. I find these solutions are very pioneering and useful.


Glass Holder

Traffic Signal with Hour glass timer

Solar Charging while Parking

No more Blind Spots (rear view mirror)


Wearable wireless mouse

Hoodie BackPack

Hidden Power Outlet


Unique umbrella design
Ruler with holes for precision

Eco friendly Toilet

Solar rocking chair


Digitally precise protractor

You will have no problem finding the keyhole

For smart parents

Bicycle Parking

Digital Measuring Cup

Built-in Wall extension cord

iPhone Lens

Spoke-less bicycle

Compact Boots

Digital Ink for Tablets

Solar Charges + Window Stickies

Knives Set

Rubik’s cube for the blind

Zipper Ear Phones

Self Locking Bike

Calendar Ring

Solar Powered Camping Tent


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Can’t Deploy Cubes in AX

A production server was not able to deploy cubes today.  The environment is using SQL Server 2012


I saw some errors such as

  • Failed to build the OLAP cubes. Error: Failed to process the Analysis Services database Test2012 on the <ASServerName> server. Error: Errors in the back-end database access module. The provider ‘SQLNCLI10’ is not registered.
  • The following system error occurred:  Class not registered
  • Errors in the back-end database access module. The provider ‘SQLNCLI10’ is not registered.


I looked  at the DB server and found that the structure of the cube has been created – so I successfully connected to the server, but it could not go off to the database server to get the data.

To confirm the native client requirement I also looked at the Connection string already created on the AS Server as part of the Project Reporting data source

Provider=SQLNCLI10;Data Source=<DBServer> ;Initial Catalog=ProjectServer_Reporting;Integrated Security=SSPI;Persist Security Info=False.


Regardless of if you are running 2005 or 2008 or 2012 (or anywhere in between) you will need to have the 2008 Native Client installed

On the client you need to have installed the Microsoft SQL Server Native Client (SQL Server Native Client). This is a single dynamic-link library (DLL) containing both the SQL OLE DB provider and SQL ODBC driver.

The sqlncli10 provider for SQL 2008 R2 can be downloaded from here.
X86 package.
X64 package
IA64 package.

In case you have a SQL 2012 server and have received a Power Pivot sheet which want to use the SQLNCLI10 provider, you can change the data provider to use to data provider for SQL 2012: SQLNCLI11

In case you can’t selected the SQL Server Native Client 11.0. The provider is not installed on your client. The SQLNCLI11 provider for SQL 2012 can be downloaded from here:
X86 package
X64 package

That should be it. After installing the SQL Server Native Client, redeploy your cubes

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Dynamics AX BI Cubes

For those who are learning about AX Cubes, these tutorials are doing very good job to help you up to speed and give you an idea what it is about and how to configure, update, view, create and modify cubes from AX.

How to configure cubes

How to update default cube definitions

How to view cube data in Microsoft Office Excel

How to create a cube

How to modify default cubes


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Microsoft Dynamics AX2012 Retail Demo: Point of Sale

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AX Retail – Webcast – Mobile

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