An error occurred invoking the Report Definition Customization Extension (RDCE).

30 Apr

I ran across this SSRS report past few weeks and had a hard time to solve the issue. I could deploy and view all the report but one report. It kept giving me this error

  • An error occurred invoking the Report Definition Customization Extension (RDCE). (rsRdceInvalidCacheOptionError)
    • Fatal exception performing AXRDCE transformation step. The report cannot be rendered. Please contact your system administrator.

By goggling, all of searching lead me to this page or this page

I thought i found the answer, but it deviated me even further from the solution.

The following didn’t work:

– Adding report to the “Report Deployment Settings” – the same error was thrown when deploying the report

– SSRS restart

– Deleting AUC and regenerating WCF config.

– Stop/Start Reporting Services

– Delete the report and redeploy

– Create a new config file

– Clear user usage

– Monitor event viewer

– Monitor database

– Use SSRS diagnostic tool to gather information about enviroment

Basically, I tried everything i can to get this to work but no matter what I tried the issue still persisted

One thing to keep in mind report, query  has never been modified. I decided to take different approach by looking at the report itself from VS perspective. I started seeing lights at the end of the tunnel. Recompiling the report in VS, i collected additional information. When I looked at data source, I found out the report was using a query. Looking at the query and tracking all of its datasources, I found out one of the table was missing an index. I removed the bad index field from the index, and reran the report and it worked like a charm



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