How to get compensated for air travel delays

19 May

As a consultant, I travel to client site and once in a while I am strained at airport. My flight is cancelled or delayed and I am bumped. The airline owes me real money, not just vouchers or free drinks on the next flight. Making them pay up is the hard part


A new service that watches your back

image is a service company that operates worldwide and helps air passengers to obtain compensation, fast and unbureaucratically.

The “Advanced Business Logic” (ABL) technology uses the data a user enters to see whether he or she is entitled to compensation, and generates the claim letter with all the required details. Any necessary signatures can be provided quickly and securely online.

If the claim is enforced successfully, the airline will pay compensation of up to €600. keeps 15 per cent of the compensation received (plus the statutory VAT) as a commission. has a Europe-wide network of experts specialized in exercising air passenger rights according to EU Regulation 261/2004.


AirHelp helps air passengers get compensation from airlines when their flight has been cancelled, delayed or overbooked.

On the AirHelp website, smartphone app or Facebook page, air passengers can check if they are eligible for compensation and request AirHelp to handle the claim on their behalf on a NO WIN, NO FEE deal. If the claim is successful, AirHelp keeps 25% of the compensation amount.

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