AIF – How an external .NET web app can invoke AIF services

13 Aug


A .NET Web application calls an AIF service but keeps getting an error “Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password.“.

When i created my own .NET Console application to consume this service. I had no issue making a request.

What seems to be the problem? Permissions? Roles? Cross Domain? Trusted intermediary?


Note: I assume you know how to make service request through .NET. I only show how to set up from AX side.

1. Create a Custom Service

You can use any service available out of the box or create a new one. In my example below, I created a custom service

2. Create a “Claims user”.

System Administration > Common > Users > Users > New User


IMPORTANT: Make sure you have to create a role and privilege with all necessary access to entry points as well as tables that you use


3. Setup your custom service as “Enhanced” port with “Trusted Intermediary users”


4. Add super user and claim user


Additional Information

You can read more about Trusted Intermediary from this blog.

The only additional setup up that i create is to assign a Role to  the claim user.

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