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DIXF – {CR}{LF} vs {LF}

A client was doing an DIXF Import for a Purchase Order Line entity and kept getting this error.

“The field “VendGroup” is not present in source”



This happened when i tried to preview data or to promote data from csv to staging. What happened was the DIXF framework stores header of csv file to a container and validates these header fields against source that user already defined during mapping.

Container[25] = “VendGroup”
Entity Field.FeldName = “VendGroup”

These 2 should be equal; however, it failed


I was thinking there should be a special character that is coming from the csv file which regular text editor can’t see. i used Notepad++ to verify the header and there is {CR}{LF} right behind “VendGroup”


{CR} Carriage Return;  {LF} Line feed


I started looking at “Source data format” of the entity and realized it was using “{LF}” as row delimiter. That explained why the method confind could not match the string because of special character {CR}

Container[25] = “VendGroup{CR}”
Entity Field.FeldName = “VendGroup”


Changing row delimiter from {LF} to {CR}{LF} fixed my problem.

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Azure Service Bus 101

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