My 2015 Tech Conference Courses

28 Jan


I’m really looking forward to meet you all at the Microsoft Technical Conference 2015 from 2-4 Feb in Seattle. In this post, I would like to share courses I will be taking at the Tech Conference

Software development best practices in Microsoft Dynamics AX
Learn the recommended practices for developing software in general and on Microsoft Dynamics AX platform. We will cover object-oriented concepts, how to use software patterns and review some best practices that you should follow in your development cycle.

General Session: Microsoft Dynamics AX
Hear from Dan Brown, General Manager of Microsoft Dynamics AX Research & Development, and Sri Srinivason, General Manager of Business Solutions Platform Microsoft Dynamics, as they share the vision for Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Explore the power of Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services
This session provides attendees with a deeper understanding of the specific features and solution capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS). We’ll showcase how you can leverage the power of cloud to have a very predictable, repeatable and automated Microsoft Dynamics AX implementation and maintenance experience. The session focuses on both technical and functional areas, and will help participants gain deeper knowledge of the tools and services available to help you with your Microsoft Dynamics AX implementations.

Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services: How to maximize the operations phase of your deployment
Learn how the next generation Microsoft Dynamics AX servicing and updates work, including the new cloud-powered support through Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS). Learn how this new experience simplifies the uptake of Microsoft Dynamics AX updates by tailoring them to your environment. Get a walkthrough of the new capabilities introduced in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 and how to leverage the power of LCS for your updates.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 test data transfer tool
Learn how to move your Microsoft Dynamics AX production data into non-production (test, pre-production etc.) environments with the test data transfer tool, enabling you to test customizations before rolling into production.

Environments for Microsoft Dynamics AX implementations: Best practices for managing your code and data
Learn about different kinds of Microsoft Dynamics AX environments you will need during the development lifecycle of an Microsoft Dynamics AX implementation, including development, QA, staging and production. Session highlights include best practices on how to move code, data and configuration in the most efficient way using models, model stores and new LCS configuration manager tools as well as how to avoid common pitfalls. We’ll also cover different tools available to help reliably manage development process including TFS integration, automated builds and LCS Cloud-hosted Azure environments.

Data management tools in Microsoft Dynamics AX
Microsoft Dynamics AX provides a set of great tools for managing enterprise data: DIXF, MDM, IDMF, and Configuration Manager, to name a few. This session covers different stages of enterprise data management lifecycle, different types of data management related activities within each stage and how to use the right tools Microsoft Dynamics AX provide to facilitate these activities.

Advanced Data Export Import framework (DIXF) patterns
Join us to learn about common design patterns for the Data Import/Export Framework, factors to consider as part of the implementation and extending DIXF for large and complex migration projects.

Data archiving and purging using IDMF in Microsoft Dynamics AX
Are you maximizing the health of your Microsoft Dynamics AX installations? Have you been able to maintain database size in production? Join us to learn how to archive and purge old transactional data using the Microsoft Dynamics AX Intelligent Data Management Framework (IDMF).

AX performance tuning: Lessons learned
This session combines instruction and real-life results. First you’ll gain an understanding of performance-tuning strategies, then you’ll experience real customer performance issues and the resolutions that remedied those issues.

Programming .NET with Microsoft Dynamics AX
Learn how to leverage .NET from within the Microsoft Dynamics AX development space. You’ll see how to program against managed assemblies in X++, how to use the tooling in Visual Studio to develop business logic in C#., and gain an understanding of when these scenarios are applicable.

Ask the Experts: TFS integrations and deployment of customizations
In this session we will answer questions related to best practices around version control (TFS) integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX and deployment of models to testing, staging and production environments.

Configuring and using the Microsoft Dynamics AX companion apps
This session will serve as a tutorial on how to configure AD FS and the Microsoft Dynamics AX companion apps which include Approvals, Expense and Time for Windows 8.1, Time and Expense for Windows Phone, iPhone and Android, as well the Email Approval feature.

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