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Task Recorder

Task recorder tool In Dynamics Ax 2012 there is a small but very useful tool “Task Recorder” This tool helps us to generate documents, training material and video recordings. This feature helps us to communicate other developers and business users of organization after implementation

Credits to Ali Raza Zaidi for putting this together

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Convergence 2015 Video Library

There are tons of content at Convergence 2015 this year. If you could not make to Atlanta , the content is available to watch online.

I noticed that  Microsoft is sending a very clear message at this convergence  “Mobile first, Cloud First”. Therefore, get familiar with LCS and Azure if you don’t want to fall behind


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Microsoft Dynamics Ax 2012 R2 CU8 is now available to our customers for download on LCS, Customer and Partner source.

Cumulative Update 8 build number is 6.2.2000.14. You must have Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 installed or Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 to apply this cumulative update.

With the power of LCS, you can “slipstream” CU8. Slipstreaming means that updates are automatically detected and included as part of the installation, reducing the amount of time needed to install.

You can also download the install package directly from LCS

For installation instructions, download the Installation guide for cumulative update 8 for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2

The release notes is another great place to start with Cumulative Update 8 for Microsoft Dynamics Ax 2012 R2 deployment.

To learn about known issues in cumulative update 8, log into LCS by using CustomerSource or PartnerSource account. Then, in the Issue search box, enter “CU8 known issue” as the query for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2




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12 Characteristics of A Horrible Boss

We all have worked a job where the manager was absolutely dreadful. The type of boss that makes your job unbearable to a point where you feel like walking out during any given moment.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of horrible bosses out there and they can make even the funnest of jobs seem frightful.

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Performance Issue – Maximum buffer size


We keep getting performance error when using forms in AX (CustTable, SalesTable, etc).  One common pattern is that tables using in these forms are heavily customized. More fields, joins are added.  Increasing buffer size did not help, clearing cache helped some scenarios but not all.  Some issues appeared and then went away.

Errors can be like the following :

The number of joins in the statement is 32. This exceeds the maximum of 26. Turn on exception for this warning to see the call stack.

The total, internal size of the records in your joined SELECT statement is 61176 bytes, but Microsoft Dynamics is by default performance-tuned not to exceed 49152 bytes.

It is strongly recommended that you split your table(s) into smaller units.
Alternatively, you have to specify a ‘Maximum buffer size’ value of 60 Kbytes or higher on the ‘Database Tuning’ tab page in the Microsoft Dynamics AX Server Configuration Utility. The default value is 24 Kbytes.



DEL_ fields are only needed when we do an upgrade from previous version. In our case, we are not doing an upgrade; therefore we can safely turn off those keys. Generally speaking turning these key off, it removes the physical data from the database. Hence, it reduces fields returned from select statements, which in this case is  a great performance improvement


If you have been running successfully for a reasonable timeframe (three months for example), then you can consider turning off the configuration key. It is recommended to turn these off in all environments.

1> Go to System administration > Setup > Licensing > License configuration
2> Turn these “Keep update objects” off
3> Sync and generate CIL


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12 Personality Traits Of A Great Boss

Did you know that 75% of people that quit jobs, quit because of their boss?

These 12 personality traits are what makes up a great boss. These are all things that good managers need to keep in mind if they want to have a good relationship with their employees.

All of these things are based on decades of research in employee motivation, and these are the things that employees look for in a boss.

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Why choose Microsoft Dynamics AX over SAP



Proven Value/ROI

Employee Productivity


Self Service BI

Deployment Flexibility

Check this out:

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