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Master Data Management (MDM)

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Test Data Transfer Tool (TDTT)

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AX7 – A quick way to find form patterns

In AX, there are 5 form patterns that we use the most :

  • Details Master
  • Form Part – Fact Boxes
  • Simple List
  • Table of Contents
  • Operational workspaces

Sometimes, we want to follow some other patterns but we don’t know where to find. It is time consuming to look for form by form. Here is the quickest way

Step 1: We’re going to look at how to run the form patterns report. This report is generated through Visual Studio and gives us information about all of the forms in the system with the corresponding form patterns


This will generate a CSV file that we can open in Excel



Step 2: Open the excel and we’ll notice in Excel, we have columns that tell us which model the form is in, the system name for the form, as well as the form style and the form pattern


In addition, it gives us information about the controls and the percent of coverage.  So we’re free to now sort and filter and organize this list so we can determine which system form has which pattern applied, and also which forms do not have any pattern applied.  So if I want to sort on this particular pattern column, we can go ahead and apply sort.

Below are all form patterns in AX7


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AX7– Some tips to set up Visual Studio for a better expereince

There are a few settings we want to configure in Microsoft Visual Studio that will make the development experience with AX a little smoother

Go to AX 7 Options


Set Projects Options.


Set Text Editor Options.


Set Best Practice Options.


Set IntelliTrace


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