Using Postman with D365

We need the right tool for the job. Postman is a tool that often used to interact with Restful services (OData). Below is how you can setup postman to work with D365 (assuming you know how to setup on Azure side like tenant_id, client_id, client_secret)


Setting up BearerToken

Params tab

Body tab

grant_type: {{grant_type}}

client_id: {{client_id}}

client_secret: {{client_secret}}

resource: {{resource}}

Test tab

var json = JSON.parse(responseBody);

tests[“Get Azure AD Token”] = !json.error && responseBody !== ” && responseBody !== ‘{}’ && json.access_token !== ”;

postman.setEnvironmentVariable(“bearerToken”, json.access_token);



Postman with CRUD operations


Header tab

Authorization =
Bearer {{bearerToken}}

If-None-Match = null

OData-Version = 4.0

Content-Type = applicatin/json

Accept = application/json

Odata-MaxVersion = 4.0

Body tab


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