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MorphX Version Control – How to claim new ownership

A developer has files checked out , he/she now leaves company and does not check in the objects. Other developer wants to use the objects, he/she can’t check out the files because it is being checked out.

In TFS, an Admin can easily take over check in or undo checkout the objects. I thought with MorphxX Version control we can’t  achieve same task unless we have to log in as the other developer and check in/undo check out the objects so that others can use.

Here are the steps that we can take to reclaim ownership in Morphx Version Control

1> Identify the object the previous developer checked out and forgot to check in

2> Attempt to check out the file and you will see this warningimage

3>  Double click on the warning, the second dialog will pop up. This is very counter intuitive. Select objects you want to claim ownership then click OK.



4> In the new ownership, when you attempt to undo check out or check in you might see this error. Don’t worry, try to modify something to the object and save it. Check it in again and this error will go away.


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