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How to Send Text Messages from Dynamics AX Using Twilio

Have you ever wished you could send text messages from Microsoft Dynamics AX? Because text messages are nearly always read, they are an ideal way to communicate alerts or reminders for employees, suppliers or end customers. I recently had a client who wanted to send text messages from AX, so I looked at several AX-to-SMS solutions. They were all far too complicated, so I decided to create something much simpler.

Texting from Twilio

I found an easy way to create my own SMS / text message solution using Twilio. You need some software development expertise, but it’s actually pretty easy to setup.

Let’s walk through the process of setting a free Twilio account, buying a local phone number (from which you will send for test message), installing Twilio API using NuGet and implementing API using your newly created Twilio credentials.

Setup a Twilio account

  1. The first steps is to create a Twilio account.
    Twilio Sign Up
  2. Log in and create a number. It is FREE to create a number.
  3. Click on “Buy a number” and choose any number you want.
    Twilio Buy Number
  4. Go to your “Account Settings”, make sure to copy “AccountSID” and “AuthToken.”
    Twilio Account Settings

Visual Studio

  1. Create a VS Project.
    Adding a VS Project
    Class Library
  2. Install Twlio API using NuGet.Installing the Twilio API
  3. Install-package Twilio.
    Twilio Install Package
  4. Twilio API will be added to the project.
    Twilio API will be added
  5. Create your first .NET app.using System;
    using System.Collections.Generic;
    using System.Linq;
    using System.Text;
    using System.Threading.Tasks;
    using Twilio;namespace Twilio

    public class AXTwilio

    public AXTwilio()
    { }

    public string sendAxSMS(string _to, string _message)

    // Find your Account Sid and Auth Token at

    string AccountSid = “your Twilio account SID”;
    string AuthToken = “your Twilio Authtoken”;
    var twilio = new TwilioRestClient(AccountSid, AuthToken);
    var message = twilio.SendMessage(“+18172032952″, _to, _message);
    return message.Sid;





  6. Right click the project, “Add Twilio to AOT” and then “Deploy.”
    Add Twilio to AOT

In Microsoft Dynamics AX

  1. Verify Twilio project in AOT (Visual Studio Projects > Dynamics AX Model Projects > C Sharp Projects).
    Verify Twilio Project in AOT
  2. Create a simple class like below and run it.public static void main(Args _args)

    System.Exception ex;

    Twilio.AXTwilio twilio = new Twilio.AXTwilio();
    System.String to = “1112223333”;
    System.String message = “Hello from AX World”;


    twilio.sendAxSMS(to, message);
    info(“Messge Sent”);


    ex = ClrInterop::getLastException();
    if (ex != null)

    ex = ex.get_InnerException();
    if (ex != null)







  3. Message is sent to my number like below.
    Twilio SMS confirmation


The business applications of using SMS with Twilio in AX is endless. With this solution, you can contact your customers, vendors, employees directly from within AX. You can create an SMS alert on each step (confirmation, picking, packing, invoice) of sales order process. You can send ETA alerts with arrival estimates and arrival confirmations, directly integrated with an existing GPS, field service, and order tracking systems. You can use automated SMS to coordinate with the field from your existing service management system and increase precision.

Download our whitepaper and learn why CFO’s throughout the world choose Microsoft Dynamics AX and mcaConnect!

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Setup AX 2012 R3 Source Control with TFS online

It is working like a charm. Remember that I’m setting this up with AX 2012 R3. I’m sure there are some issues with AX 2012 (AX 2012 is only supported for TFS 2012 and 2012) and AX 2012 R2. We need  TFS 2012 client compatibility.


  • Version control system (VCS) is a small part of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)  which uses Team Foundation Server (TFS) as recommended toolset.
  • Visual Studio Online is a cloud based service. It was released in November 2013 and is free of charge for up to 5 users. Therefore it is the perfect first step to get in touch with the power of TFS Integration with Dynamics AX. There is nothing stopping you from testing the capabilities of this integration for your Dynamics AX 2012 development.

Let’s get started

Step 1:  VS Signup

Sign up with You are going get an account like

Step 2: Setup a new project



Step 3: Version Control Parameters

Go to AX Development Workspace > Tools > Version Control > Version Control Parameters


Step 4: Parameters version control Setup


Step 5: Team Foundation Server Setup


Team Foundation Server URL:
Team Foundation Project name: Project you created in “STEP 2”
Branch folder: Give it any name
Application root folder: A physical folder name in your repository folder that you setup at STEP 4

Current Directory Structure


You might be prompted for a log in



Step 6: Synchronize

This process can be lengthy, depending on the number of objects it has. TFS will download all files to local repository


Remember to check “Force”  to download all the object from the VCS (Version Control System)


The process will put all the objects in a model.


You are now ready for development !!!

Snapshot of folder structures

Checking in a file


File on TFS server


File on local machine



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A Deeper Dive Into R3

Specialists from the Retail, Manufacturing, Professional Services and Public Sector groups will walk you through key business scenarios, demos, resources and explain how R3 enables us go to market with an unparalleled industry offering.

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AX R3 – Retail – CTP4 Web Cast – E Commerce – Part 2

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Watch out SAP and Oracle there is a new kid in town

I found this article interesting why AX is growing and becoming a main competitor in ERP world.

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