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Dynamics AX 2012 R3 Report Deployment Error with Visual Studio 2013


When deploying a report in R3 with VS 2013, you might see the error below

The “GenerateRdlTask” task failed unexpectedly.

System.IO.FileLoadException: Loading this assembly would produce a different grant set from other instances. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80131401)



1. Open the Start Menu and right click on Computer. Select Properties.

2. Select Advanced system settings.

3. In the Advanced tab, select Environment Variables.

4. Select New.

5. Set Variable Name: COMPLUS_LoaderOptimization

6. Set Variable Value: 1



7. Log out and log back in

8. Open the report using VS 2013 and try again.

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SSRS Report Server Settings Validation Error


I’m trying to validate  report server setup of a client and got the error below
Make sure that SQL Server Reporting Services is configured correctly. Verify the Web Service URL and Report Manager URL configuration in the SQL Reporting Services Configuration Manager.



After some troubleshooting, it turns out UAC was not turned off. I am running on MS Windows Server 2012.

UAC has to be turned off via registry by changing the DWORD “EnableLUA” from 1 to 0 in “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\policies\system”. You will get a notification that a reboot is required. After the reboot, UAC is disabled.

After UAC is disabled, the issue is resolved.

Steps :

Windows 2008:
Deactivating UAC in Windows 2008 R2 was possible via running msconfig (for example winkey+r -> msconfig), going to the Tools tab and launching “Change UAC settings”. There, you select “Never notify” to disable UAC.

Windows Server 2012:
The same approach is still available in Windows Server 2012, though UAC is still active after you selected “Never notify”. You have the option to turn off UAC via registry by changing the DWORD “EnableLUA” from 1 to 0  in “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\policies\system”. You will get a notification that a reboot is required. After the reboot, UAC is disabled.

STEP 1: Go to UAC


STEP 2: Change to “Never notify”

STEP 3: Change “EnableLUA” to 0



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SSRS Report in R3 – VS 2012 vs. VS 2010

In R3 environment, when I tried to to edit a report,  i received the following message
“Unable to preview the report, install the Business Intelligence Development Studio feature of Microsoft SQL Server For more information”


AOT > Visual Studio Projects > Select a project > Right Click > Edit


Notice that VS 2010 is still being used as a default one.


AX R3 still needs to integrate with Visual Studio 2010 and therefore you have to have BIDS (Business Intelligence Development Studio). You can use a SQL Server 2008 R2 installation image to install it (it’s one of the components you can select during installation of “A new standalone server or additional components” on the client machine.

SQL Server 2008 R2 Setup Feature Selection

How to installing(adding) features (SSRS) to an existing SQL installation. Please follow this link:


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An error occurred invoking the Report Definition Customization Extension (RDCE).

I ran across this SSRS report past few weeks and had a hard time to solve the issue. I could deploy and view all the report but one report. It kept giving me this error

  • An error occurred invoking the Report Definition Customization Extension (RDCE). (rsRdceInvalidCacheOptionError)
    • Fatal exception performing AXRDCE transformation step. The report cannot be rendered. Please contact your system administrator.

By goggling, all of searching lead me to this page or this page

I thought i found the answer, but it deviated me even further from the solution.

The following didn’t work:

– Adding report to the “Report Deployment Settings” – the same error was thrown when deploying the report

– SSRS restart

– Deleting AUC and regenerating WCF config.

– Stop/Start Reporting Services

– Delete the report and redeploy

– Create a new config file

– Clear user usage

– Monitor event viewer

– Monitor database

– Use SSRS diagnostic tool to gather information about enviroment

Basically, I tried everything i can to get this to work but no matter what I tried the issue still persisted

One thing to keep in mind report, query  has never been modified. I decided to take different approach by looking at the report itself from VS perspective. I started seeing lights at the end of the tunnel. Recompiling the report in VS, i collected additional information. When I looked at data source, I found out the report was using a query. Looking at the query and tracking all of its datasources, I found out one of the table was missing an index. I removed the bad index field from the index, and reran the report and it worked like a charm



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Dynamics AX BI Cubes

For those who are learning about AX Cubes, these tutorials are doing very good job to help you up to speed and give you an idea what it is about and how to configure, update, view, create and modify cubes from AX.

How to configure cubes

How to update default cube definitions

How to view cube data in Microsoft Office Excel

How to create a cube

How to modify default cubes


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How to deploy all AX2012 reports


There’re 3 different ways to deploy Dynamics AX2012 reports:

  1. Through AOT
    AOT > SSRS Reports > Reports > right click on report > Deploy Element
  2. Through Visual Studio
    Open the report project > Right click on the project or solution node > Deploy
  3. Through PowerShell
    Publish-AXReport -ReportName *

Through AOT

– Go to AOT > SSRS Reports > Reports > (right click on report) > Deploy Element

– Right click on the report node

– Click “Deploy Element”


Deploy AX2012 report through AOT

Through Visual Studio

– Open the report project

– Right click on the project or solution node

– Click “Deploy”


Deploy AX2012 report through Visual Studio

Through PowerShell

– Go to: Start > Administrative Tools > Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Management Shell

– Then enter Publish-AXReport -ReportName *

This will deploy all AX2012 reports into report server, you might want to do this after the initial installation as the report server doesn’t have all the report there yet. It takes about 20 minutes for me to deploy all the reports (that’s on my Hyper-V image, if run on better spec server, it could be much faster).

If you want to deploy a specific report, just replace the wildcard (*) with the report name.

Eg. Publish-AXReport -ReportName SalesInvoice

*It is the report name under AOT > SSRS Reports > Reports > SalesInvoice, not the project name under AOT > Visual Studio Projects > Dynamics AX Projects > SalesInvoiceReport


Publish-AXReport -ReportName * will deploy all report (use wildcard to deploy full set of report)


Report deployment in progress


Report deployment in progress


Report deployment in progress


Report deployment completed


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AX2012 R2 – SSRS Report error: #Error text —

In AX 2012 R2, if you will see any errors like this one #Error in SSRS reports randomly,  that means you have to do one of the 2 following solutions:


Solution #1:

In AX 2012, the service account that is setup in the “BC Proxy account” have always to be used for the SSRS execution account, and SSRS services account.

As a workaround or troubleshooting step, you can add the BCP account to AX with Sys Admin rights, and the report should print properly. This however, is not a long term solution and is a workaround that you can utilize short term until you get the following hotfix installed that should correct the issue:



 Solution 2:

Apply this hotfix

KB Article Number (s) : 2844965  
Language: All (Global)  
Platform: i386  

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